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Thursday, February 18, 2010

{Late} Valentine's Stuff

Valentine's Day was last weekend, and our little family did a few fun things to celebrate. First, my sweet friend Sarah, came over on Friday to make Bakerella's Cupcake Pops with me. Yes, the original plan was Cupcake Pops, instead of just Cake Pops.

I had baked three Red Velvet cakes the night before, so we simply followed Bakerella's instructions. We formed the balls of cake & frosting into little cupcakes (more difficult than you'd think, but definitely doable). Then, after chilling them, we attempted to dip them in the chocolate. It was frustrating. The cupcake tops were too small to really hold onto, and long story short, we gave up on Cupcake Pops after about 10, and proceeded to make 75 simple cake pops. This is what they turned out like.

I made mine primarily for my hubby's family's Valentine's party on Saturday. I had intended to get them all finished and pretty-like by about 5:00 Friday evening. Weeellll, it didn't happen. Sarah was at my house until 11:00 that night, and we were just happy to have them finished. So, Saturday morning before the party, I paid my little boy $1 to pose for this picture. Then, I very quickly put together the little card, emailed it to the lab, and picked them up on the way to the party.

I took my X-Acto knife with me, and while everyone was bowling (Valentine's Day tradition), I cut the slots in the photos, and stuck them on the cake pops. All in all, I was pleased with the end result. :) Even if it was much more challenging than I thought it would be!

Now, part 2 of our Valentine's story. Let me preface by saying that my hubby is not much into the whole Valentine's holiday, but he tries to make me happy. On the Thursday before Valentine's day, he and I were on our way to town when he turns to me and asks, "So, are you okay with not getting anything for Valentine's Day this year??" I looked at him and I laughed and said, "Are you trying to tell me that I need to be okay with not getting anything?" And then the conversation was shifted to something else.

Well, for most of the day on Saturday, he made little comments about how he still hadn't gotten me anything, and he was sorry, etc., etc. I totally believed him! Totally! LOL! When we got home from the party on Saturday night, I was working on filling some orders from my Etsy shop, and he told me he was going to "take out the trash." When I finished working in my office, I found these on the dining room table.

My sweet hubby had ordered flowers for me, and when he went to "take out the trash," he grabbed the box that had been delivered, and left the roses for me to find. So super sweet. <3 <3 <3 that man!

Normally I love color photos, but I thought I would try a black and white for this one. What do you think?


amy said...

Twins Think alike i guess-i got a dozen roses for Valentines day too. i prefer the colored one-but the black and white looks good for something more formal like an album or in a frame.