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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sometimes it's the *really* simple things...

There were a few things that I found particular joy in this week. The first was this floor cleaner. It sounds so simple, but my house has lots of laminate, and since we moved in last October, I have had one heck of a time keeping it looking clean. I don't like it when it looks like there's some icky residue - which is what I was getting with the other floor cleaners that I have tried. So, I saw this in the super cool cleaning section at Home Depot, and I decided to try it. I seriously <3 it! It did not leave any residue, it cleaned really well, AND it took me like half the time to "mop" my floor! Yay! :-)

The other thing that I did this week that was super fun (and yummy!) was make these Oreo Kisses from Bakerella's website. I do not bake or cook, but these were surprisingly fun and easy to make. Although they were most definitely not as pretty as Bakerella's, I loved making them, and my hubby and little boy loved eating them! I missed the note about how big they were supposed to be, though. It said that they should turn out to be 1.5" tall.... LOL, mine were like 3" - oh well, they were yummy anyway.


Gingersnaps said...

Thanks for sharing your secrets, i'll have to try that!

Elise DeMille said...

Me too! Me too! Although I got a "Shark Steamcleaner" for Christmas that cleans the floors amazingly! And no cleaning product! Just water! LOVE IT!!!