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I have a wonderful husband and a sweet little boy who bring me lots of joy. I love photography and try to preserve memories for my family.
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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Camping Trip

Over the Memorial Day weekend, we went camping with my husband's family. It was super rainy and super muddy, but we still had lots of fun. Even though the first picture has lots of technical flaws, I love it because when I look at it I can hear his squeal for joy! He LOVED the four-wheeler. My friend, Stephanie has inspired me to play around with textures a little bit - that's what the middle two are. My little boy has several sets of keys that he carries around everywhere. He uses them to "drive" his trike, the tractors, the car, pretty much anything with wheels. We were camping about 20 miles away from the old town of Chesterfield, Idaho, so we went to visit (the last picture.) It was lots of fun - they let us tour lots of the old buildings.


Margaret said...

These are all so sweet. Love the joy and wonder I see in his eyes in these shots.

Jen said...

You can just see the fun!!

Cindi Koceich said...

I love your textures...and OMGoodness...he is a doll!!! Look at those curls and that beautiful smile!!

pat said...

Man, these are all wonderful! LOVE the interaction in that first shot, and the wonder and joy in the second two are soo fun. The lighting on that last shot---wow!!!

Jess said...

Oh he is SO SWEET! I can almost hear him squealing and giggling too!

lcp said...

These are all wonderful! I love the texture play and the last shot is so bright and great composition.

Becky said...

These are beautiful, and it looks like a fun time.:-)

Stueller said...

I love these... glad I could send a little inspiration your way! And I love that you are totally capturing those moments (reminds me of what we talked about concerning our kids and how important they really are) :)

Wendy said...

Love your blog! Your pictures are gorgeous as always, you are so talented! Your sons eyes are amazing! He is going to be the most photographed child ever and I thought that award was going to be my children!
Thanks for inviting me to view your blog!
400 pictures to edit... WOW! I bet you were able to listen to the whole playlist! That was nice of you to do the pictures for her!!

I honestly think that you are so talented and have such a good eye that you should get some insurance on those eyes because looking through your eyes the world is so unique and interesting! I will be looking forward to your next blog!

Oh and Steve Mackley is lucky to have you on board!