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I have a wonderful husband and a sweet little boy who bring me lots of joy. I love photography and try to preserve memories for my family.
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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Tractor

Over the weekend, my husband brought his tractor to our yard for some yardwork. This little boy loves the tractor. Now that he knows that it's in the backyard, every morning when he wakes up, he runs to the door to go outside. He just wants to sit on the seat and "drive." It makes me nervous for him to sit on the tractor without me standing right there, so I spent most of the day on Saturday, Sunday, and yesterday evening standing next to a tractor. He was very upset when we had to go inside last night -- he only got to drive the tractor for an hour and a half!


Gingersnaps said...

Those are adorable! Man is he growing fast!