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I have a wonderful husband and a sweet little boy who bring me lots of joy. I love photography and try to preserve memories for my family.
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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Spring is Here! (And Some Other Random Things)

This week, the assignment for the students in my photography class is to find 3 different subjects, in 3 different lighting conditions, and take some properly exposed photos of them. So, I have been trying to follow along with them and do the assignments with them. So anyhow, here are a few of my random things for the week. Note the second picture from the bottom - I still spend lots of time standing next to tractors when we're outside.
Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A New Sandbox!

We had a busy, fun weekend at our house! Our little boy got a sandbox! While daddy went to get the sand, I took this little guy to get some new sandbox toys, and there was this cute little lawn mower for only $6!

We got home before daddy & the sand, and he loved pushing the lawn mower all over the yard while we waited.

Now he's trying to figure out how to carry the sandbox toys and push the lawn mower at the same time.

... still waiting for the sand.

When daddy finally got home with the sand, he had lots of fun helping move it to the sandbox!

The new sandbox, full of sand, complete with toys and one happy little boy!

We're buying the house that my husband's grandmother lived in for most of her married life. There has always been a "fish pond" in the yard, but it's been full of dirt and pieces of concrete. Before my husband's father was born, his grandmother had a two-year old that drowned in the ditch in the front of the yard, and after that happened, she filled in the fish pond. So, we decided to dig it out and fill it with sand. We spent lots of time last week digging, and we finally got sand on Saturday! It was nice and warm on Saturday, but it's been pretty cold ever since. My little boy doesn't care, though. We were out playing in the cold sandbox on Sunday and yesterday.
Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Look What I Made!

As I was teaching a digital photography class at our local technology college last quarter, I had several students say that they wished they had something to help them remember photography techniques when they were out taking pictures. I have been thinking about this project for a couple of weeks now, and I finished it yesterday. It is a little set of reminder cards! They're about the size of credit cards, and they cover basic reminders for exposure, lighting, and composition. I'm kind of excited-I think they turned out pretty good! I might even consider trying to sell a few sets at my Etsy shop.
Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Tractor

Over the weekend, my husband brought his tractor to our yard for some yardwork. This little boy loves the tractor. Now that he knows that it's in the backyard, every morning when he wakes up, he runs to the door to go outside. He just wants to sit on the seat and "drive." It makes me nervous for him to sit on the tractor without me standing right there, so I spent most of the day on Saturday, Sunday, and yesterday evening standing next to a tractor. He was very upset when we had to go inside last night -- he only got to drive the tractor for an hour and a half!