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I have a wonderful husband and a sweet little boy who bring me lots of joy. I love photography and try to preserve memories for my family.
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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Catching Up...

So, what has Alexis been so busy doing that she hasn't been able to update her blog??

Well, first of all, my husband's family has a super fun Labor Day Campout every year. It's big - Grandma, Grandpa, aunts, uncles, cousins, and dogs are all there. Last year, my little boy was just 6 weeks old and just let everyone hold him all day. This year, he was not at all excited to hold still for more than 2 seconds! There was too much dirt and too many rocks & pinecones that needed tasting! For the first part of the day, I had a hard time letting him get dirty, but by the afternoon, I was so tired of chasing him that I finally gave in and let him have some serious fun in the dirt.

Then, my husband and I went on a super fun mini-vacation to Park City. I had never been on a ski lift before, but he talked me into it (I'm way scared of heights). The first picture is looking straight down the mountain from the top -- CREEPY! The next one is our shadows on the ground below (and my husband's foot!) and the last one is just a picture of the wonderful view of the city we had from way up at the top of the mountain.

So anyway, that's what I've been doing for the last few weeks.


Stueller said...

I love the dirty ones, it's the perfect picture for a little boy! CUTE!

Alyce said...

That is the cutest baby I have ever seen!!! I am an unbiased source!!!